Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

CCR has knowledgeable and experienced staff to guide you through the insurance maze. We provide you with free inspections, consult with your insurance adjuster, and ensure you receive the fairest coverage on your policy. Throughout our time we have met and worked with most all insurance companies throughout Illinois. Below is a list of Insurance companies we have worked with more often than others and have an Approval Ratio of 90% or better.

Our specialists will grade the standards and apply the same inspection to that of an insurance adjuster. We understand your time is valuable and this process will ensure we are not wasting your time or efforts if the house or commercial property is not damaged or does not qualify. All notes will be taken at the time of inspection and, in many cases, pictures will be taken of the damages for documentation purposes.

By choosing Capital Construction & Restoration to handle your exterior restoration, you can:

Protect your home from moisture and elements
Aesthetically upgrade your home or building
Save money and lower bills with energy-efficient insulation, siding, and roof ventilation
Increase the value of your home by up to 25%
Reduce outdoor work with low-maintenance siding and gutters

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